Study Spaces

Group Study Spaces

Group study rooms are dedicated to collaborative work rather than individual study. Students and/or faculty working in groups of two or more may use these rooms. There are a total of 9 group study rooms total on Lewis 3rd and 4th floors. There are 2 rooms on the 3rd floor, and 7 on the 4th floor. They are available on a first come, first served basis; however they may also be reserved for up to 3 hours.

The rooms have blackboards, as well as data and power outlets.

Lewis rooms 304, 305 and 406 are larger rooms seating 6. These rooms have wall-mounted display monitors. You must supply your own VGA cord to connect to the monitor. The other group study rooms in Lewis seat 4.

Please send us an email with the room/day/time included in the email. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance, and must be received by 8:00am on Fridays for weekend reservations, as our staff is not present on the weekends.

For further information, please see our Policy, and you may also contact Linda Chamberlin.


Carrels are available for anyone to use. There are 29 carrels on Lewis 3rd and 4th, and A-Floors, and 15 carrels in the Fine Hall Wing.

Using the classrooms on Lewis 3rd Floor

Patrons may use the classrooms on the 3rd floor when there are no scheduled classes, however, if you use the chalkboards, you must erase them before you leave.