Self-Guided Tour of Lewis Library

Welcome to Lewis Science Library!   Please enjoy our self-guided tour:

  1.  The entry floor has the Information Desk.   

* Ask here for all circulating books, and bound journals (N-Z) - these must be paged, until the Fine Hall Wing renovation is complete.   Also ask here for items on reserves, on hold, and those ordered through BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan (ILL), or requested from another library or an off-site facility.  We have a tech room with 2 scanners, the document delivery & reserve office, a photocopy room, and librarians’ offices.  You’ll find reference books, new print book arrivals, and the latest Senior Theses on the stacks straight ahead from the front door.  Princeton University Library system mainly uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme.  Ours is the first library on campus to offer Macs as well as PCs.   (Find the “Gehry Star”.)

2. Go up to the 4th floor – QUIET STUDY with a variety of seating  -- and group study rooms.

* Note: carrels, lockers, computers (PCs & Macs), scanner & printing station.

3. Go down to the 3rd floor – seating, group study rooms + 3 classrooms.

* Note: carrels, lockers, & computers (PCs & Macs), and printing station.

4. Go down to the 2nd floor, the largest floor in Lewis Library proper.

* Current periodicals/journals/magazines are arranged in alphabetical order by title.  Also here are: the book and serials-processing office, librarians’ offices, color photocopier room, comfortable seating, a row of computers, many study tables for QUIET STUDY, particularly in the “Treehouse” (Identify a tree.).  The Electronic classroom (room 225) seats 20 students, and the seminar room 228 is currently being used as the Map and GIS Center.

5. Go down to the A floor (one level below the 1st floor). 

* Besides study tables, you’ll see the compact shelving that houses our bound journals from A – M.  There is another copy machine, print station, and several PCs. The ”underground passage” has more study tables and carrels  and connects Lewis with Fine Hall.  The Fine Hall Wing comprises the largest library space; the section nearest to Lewis is to be the new home of the Map and GIS Center.

* We welcome any/all questions!  We are here to serve your information needs!  The science librarians’ cards are at the Information Desk.  More information, details & photos can be found at our website: