Self-Guided Tour of Lewis Library

Welcome!  We invite any/all questions and we’re here to serve your information needs!  Librarians’ cards are at the information desks.

  1. The entry floor has the Information Desk – where you ask for books placed on hold, ordered through BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) or requested from off-site.  Also here are Macs & PCs, a tech room with 2 scanners, photocopy room, current reference books, new books, and the latest Senior Theses, document delivery & reserve office and librarians’ offices. Find the “Gehry Star”.  Library of Congress (LC) is our dominant cataloging/ classification scheme.

2. Take elevator to the 4th floor  --  QUIET STUDY + group study rooms 

Note: carrels, lockers, computers (PCs & MACs), and scanner

3. Walk down 6 flights, or take elevator to 3rd floor – group study rooms + 3 classrooms

Note: carrels, lockers, & computers (PCs & Macs)

4. Walk down 4 flights to the 2nd floor, the largest floor in Lewis Library proper.

Current periodicals/journals/magazines are arranged in alphabetical order by title.  Also here are: the book and serials-processing office, librarians’ offices, color photocopier room, comfortable seating, a row of PCs, many study tables for QUIET STUDY, particularly in the “Tree House” (Identify a tree.).  The Electronic classroom (seats 20) and there is a seminar room. 

5. Take the elevator to the A-floor.  Besides study tables, you’ll see the compact shelving that houses our bound journals from A –O.  Pass another copy machine, and 2 PCs, and you’ll be in the underground passage -- with more study tables and carrels --that connects Lewis with Fine Hall.  Entering through the double door, you are now in the Fine Hall Wing of Lewis Library.   The O-Z bound journals are on these stacks.

6. The Fine Hall Wing comprises the largest library space.  Note the Information Desk.  Locate Reserves.  What are “Term Reserves”?  Where is the “Graduate Student Reading”?

(Where is Albert?) There are PCs & a scanner by the clock.  The offices are for cataloging and ILL.
Besides additional, older Reference books, including large sets, after you pass the main entry, you’ll reach the BOOKS! – in LC order.   The dissertations and theses are at the far end.
      P.S. There is a lower floor which houses “documents”, mainly, state governmental geological series.

7. The Map Room and GIS headquarters

To get here, you’ll need guidance. You must exit the Fine Hall Wing, proceed to the Fine Hall Tower elevator, and take it to the Basement level (from the Lobby – or Library – level).  It is a very special place!