We share the building with several other program groups, and have registrar-controlled classrooms throughout. Faculty must contact the Registrar to book the classrooms.

The first floor Information desk will have a printed Google calendar of the second and third floor rooms within the Library, and a “Unified Room Calendar” that lists the classrooms accessible from the Atrium.

We also have a set of lists that will indicate the rooms in number order, by department, and by last name, throughout the entire building, that will assist you in directing visitors to the proper department.

Our floor maps are easily accessible, and can be used to direct Library patrons to the proper location in the Library.

Carrels and lockers, as well as Group Study Rooms and other bookings, should be handled through the main Library website.

Serious problems: If a major problem occurs, notify staff immediately. Call Public Safety evenings and weekends at 258-1000 before notifying Anne Langley or your supervisor.

The Facilities Department handles issues dealing with the maintenance and repair of the buildings and grounds on campus. Please let any Lewis Library staff know if there are minor problems, such as a projector not working, debris in a classroom, or other problems. We will contact the Facilities office.